Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When should you ask your gynecologist to refer you to an IVF specialist ?

Gynecologists are primary health care physicians for women. This is why when a woman has infertility issues , the first doctor she will contact will usually be her gynecologist. Since gynecologists are specialists in dealing with women's health , they are very capable of handling basic infertility problems and will do so efficiently and effectively.

However, sometimes there are gynecologists who refuse to accept their limitations and are reluctant to refer their patient to an IVF specialist . They will do their best to hang onto the patient because they do not want to "lose" their patient , as this would represent a financial loss to them ! Sometimes , it's an ego issue , because they feel they should be able to offer all the treatment themselves , rather than have to refer the patient to a specialist.

You cannot afford to let a doctor to make all your decisions for you ! You need to become an expert patient, so you know when to ask your gynecologist to refer you to an IVF specialist !
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