Friday, November 25, 2011

Why do doctors give cuts ?

Most doctors are like most of us - honest, ethical and happy to earn a comfortable living. Most doctors would rather not give cuts if they have a choice - after all, who likes doing something which is dishonest and underhand ? And I am sure no one wants to give away their hard-earned money in the form of a kickback !

Yet doctors in Mumbai do this all the time, routinely. How do they justify it ?

The truth is that the brain is wired in such a fashion that it's possible to justify practically anything and everything. The commonest excuses are:

I need patients and cannot survive if I do not give kickbacks
Everyone else does it, so why shouldn't I ?
What's wrong with being corrupt ? This is a corrupt society, so why should doctors be held to a higher standard than everyone else ? Why should I be expected to be God ?

The truth is that doctors give cuts against their better judgment. They do this because they feel they don't have a choice.

In reality, there is a better alternative - a solution which is good for both patients and doctors !

Remember that the only reason doctors give cuts is so that they can get patients - and this is the role which the "middleman" serves. This middleman could be :
the referring family physician;
the medical tourism company;
the taxi driver or tout;
the insurance company; or
the corporate hospital .

The trick to stop giving cuts is to cut out the middleman , so that doctors can get patients directly.

The only way to do this is to go to where the patients are - the internet !
This is why it's so important for doctors to have their own websites. It keeps doctors honest, open and transparent - and this is best for doctors and their patients as well !

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