Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doctors as a healthcare tool

Most people ( including doctors themselves) have an excessively inflated opinion as to how important doctors are in improving the health of their patients . I think this self-importance is completely uncalled for.

We need to remember that doctors are primarily illness experts , and they are good
( sometimes, but not always ) at fixing problems when you fall sick. However, the most important person for ensuring you remain healthy is - you !

Sadly, when we give too much importance to doctors, we create lots of problems.

I think doctors are simply one of the many healthcare tools we can use to remain well. Many other tools ( such as a healthy diet; money; safe drinking water; regular exercise; information therapy; and plain common sense !) are often much more important !

It's because we've handed over control of the healthcare system to doctors, that they progressively demand ever increasing importance. This is perfectly logical ( from the viewpoint of the medical profession), but is likely to hurt the common man.

Just like any other tool, the doctor can be used well. However , they can also be used badly - and because they often make the rules as to what patients are allow to do ( and not allowed to do), they are often overused and misused.

Like CT scans and MRI scanners, doctors are very expensive tools - and it's important that patients learn how to use them intelligently ! Just like you need to learn when to go to a doctor, it's equally important to learn when you are better off not going to one !

The trouble is that they command a lot of prestige and respect - and it is hard not to get blinded by their halo !

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