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A success story for a couple from Ranchi ( Jharkhand)

We would like to share our success story and our entire experience and feelings with all those who are involved or will be involved with this clinic and I am confident that it will help them to take a correct and positive decision which will change their life forever.

We are very thankful from the bottom of our heart to Dr Malpani and his team for helping us in fulfilling our dream of having a baby and giving us peace of mind and freedom to think without stress like we had in last one years.

We were married for two and a half years and were trying to have a baby for the past one year. We are 38 years old. We under went several medical tests and came to know that there is some hormonal imbalance in my husband’s report. The word infertile came as a shock to us and it was very sickening and painful visiting Dr’s and hospitals for the guidance and treatment. We started taking treatment by Urologists & Andrologist at Delhi. After taking medicine for three months, we found that FSH level is very high. Then we stopped medicine and did the test after four months, we were astonished to find the report of FSH level was nearest normal. Then we stopped treatment.

One day when we were browsing through the net I came across Dr. Malpani clinic and Dr. RS at Mumbai. We mailed our medical reports to Dr. Malpani and Dr. RS for guidance. We did not get any positive reply from Dr. RS but we were very very surprised by the very quick & informative response from Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. Then we followed it up by asking a lot of doubts & queries we had & once again we got a quick and to the point response. In the mean time we read several articles about infertility from his book “ How to have a baby ” on net. We really appreciate his response to each and every mail of ours promptly, inspite of his heavy busy schedules.

Then we decided to go to Mumbai for treatment. We both were working and so we found it difficult to get one month leave from office. So we both left our jobs and decided to go to Mumbai for treatment.

On our first visit we were a bit nervous but after meeting the Doctor we were relaxed and felt very comfortable. Dr. Aniruddha is very cheerful and a positive attitude personality. We were impressed by his pleasing manners, attitude and confidence. He explained everything clearly to us and made us feel very comfortable. We learnt that running away from the problem or avoiding it is not at all worth it. He answered all our queries and did suggest ICSI being the best option under the circumstance. He encouraged us to be positive and optimistic.

The ICSI treatment started on 24th Aug’ 2010 under the able guidance of Dr. Aniruddha Malpani & Dr. Anjali Malpani. All the staff of the clinic were very helpful and friendly, especially sister Sheetal. She helped us a lot. Each passing day increased our confidence and made us feel that I am in safe and competent hands. The treatment took approximately 20 days and ICSI was done on 10th September’2010. Just before ICSI I almost cried with joy when I was shown on the monitor by my Doctor my six developed embryos of which two were 4 cell Grade A, One 2 cell Grade A & One 2 cell Grade B embryos. It was a speechless moment and truly remarkable and we have to see it and believe it. After transfer of 4 embryos I took rest for four days and returned to Ranchi ( Jharkhand ) by flight on 15.09.2010. We kept ourselves in touch with Dr. Malpani regularly to cool our nerves . After 14 days on 24th September’2010 I had Beta HCG test. The positive result of the blood test made me and my husband feel on top of the sky. It was such a beautiful and joyous moment. We can’t believe that it truly happened. We immediately mailed the report to Dr. Malpani to inform the good news. He was so happy and congratulated us. After that I enjoyed my pregnancy and the entire days of pregnancy was a new learning experience every day.

Finally on 12th May’2011 at 10:10 a.m. we were blessed with the most beautiful baby boy one could ever wish for. We have named him ANIMESH (name of Lord Shiva & Vishnu) and nick name Soumya. I had all along heard that a doctor is next to God, now I firmly believe it is true. Thank you very much Dr. Malpani. May God continue bringing success and happiness to both of you and to your patients.

We would request such similar skeptical couples not to waste time by searching for alternatives. Dr. Malpani’s clinic is the right place to make their dreams come true.

Mrs Sabita Rani [[email protected]]

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