Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hesperian needs help !

Hesperian is known for producing easy-to-understand and highly reliable materials for community-based health care in print. Over the years we have worked hard to make new material available for download as PDFs, and we recently offered our books in an online reader.

In October 2011, Hesperian will launch a brand new set of digital tools!

These new online tools - developed with the help of our network of partners around the world -- will expand the reach of the powerful messages in our books while helping health workers and others to customize materials for the needs of the communities they work with. We've included a few facts to introduce this new Digital Resource Center and will keep you up to date as the launch approaches!

Some basic facts
- A powerful adaptation tool will allow users to easily customize Hesperian health guides to create training materials, fliers, posters and brochures that will move people from knowledge to action.
- Our materials will be available on line in a lightweight MediaWiki format in 10 languages, with more added over time.
- A searchable image library will make available over 10,000 Hesperian illustrations - simple line drawings that help explain complex health information -- for local use and adaptation.
- Hesperian is developing mobile phone applications that health providers anywhere can use to obtain basic health information and create their own materials. The app we are currently building provides information about pregnancy and birth -- check out our video
to see the section on maternal health emergencies).

Together, these tools will help community health workers around the world to read, download, adapt and share information with a global audience. We have already received valuable feedback from communities in Honduras, Malawi, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, the Philippines and Nepal where our partners have field tested prototypes of these technologies.

Help support our work

Hesperian invites you to get involved in the Digital Resource Center - as a partner, a volunteer or a donor. Our current campaign seeks to raise funds for the development of our first mobile app described above: a module about pregnancy and birth that will help women stay healthy and safe during pregnancy and childbirth. We have only $800 to go to reach our goal before August 22! To make a donation, please click here:

For more information, contact us at [email protected]

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