Saturday, June 27, 2009

My experience with my doctors - a patient's frank and forthright opinion

This is a guest blog entry from one of my insightful patients. Intelligent feedback like this can help doctors to improve their skills !

My Pulmonologist 1 -
o Non stop talking
o No interest in listening to the patient
o Pre determined on the prescription
o Talking too much medical jargon
o Scaring the patients - if u don’t do as I say “bla bla“
o No greeting/No smile
o As if taking out all his frustrations on the patient
o Over medication for a temporary allergy, sneezing and breathing problem
• My Pulmonologist 2-
o Very good communication, empathetic listening, considering patient history, current ailments and treatments
o Stage by stage treatment according to the severity
o Invest time to listen to patients very cordially and collects all possible information for the treatment.
• My Gynecologist 1
o One of the well knwon consultants
o Consulted with lot of hope
o Never could meet the main Doctor during my 7 visits
o Very rude attitude of the hospital staff and doctors
o Too many people, no communication, no apparent linkage of consultations with the different doctors
o The staff expects the people to know everything from medical terminology to process to procedures
o No language/cultural sensitivity to communicate.
o Important decision without consulting the patient’s opinion
o Unhygienic clinics and scanning centre; scanning is a must every time

• My Gynecologist 2
o Very well behaved and empathetic
o Technical knowledge to use the modern methodologies was lacking and hence ended up in a hasty decision to do laparotomy ( surgery) for my ectopic
• My Gynecologist 3
o Well behaved and empathetic listener
o High use of medical jargon and expects patients to know those words
o No realistic answer to patient queries
o Very expensive
o Good medical staff and very supportive
o First attempt didn’t work out for me.
• My Gynecologist 4
o Well known and acclaimed doctor who is said to have God’s touch
o We went for medical advice and a second opinion before starting the next round of treatment
o Before seeing the doctor, we were advised to take a scan
o The assistant doctors were very rude and unkind and asking do you have “xyz” disease and shouting because I was ignorant about medical jargon
o There was a printed prescription waiting for us when we met the doctor who asked us to take the medicine and advised us to come back after 3 months, if I didn’t get pregnant.
o In our 5 minute consultation the Doctor spent more time making fun of my previous treatments and the procedures my earlier doctors had followed.
o Answers were very point blank and on all my queries, there was no answer except that – “ everything is possible”.
o To our surprise, a very expensive test was prescribed at the end of the consultation. The cost of this ran into 5 digits ! (The relevance of this was very suspicious , since we were told to return to the clinic only after 3 months)
o Patients are taken for granted and expected to obey everyone from staff to the main doctor
o End result : We never felt the need to go back to the clinic

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