Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How smart patients use youtube

I am always impressed by how clever patients can be when trying to solve their medical problems.

I recently received an email from a patient who had had a hysteroscopy. This is a procedure where the doctor inserts a fine telescope inside the uterine cavity, to confirm the uterine lining is normal. She was not happy with her doctor's interpretation of the findings, and wanted me to review the video. I was happy to do this - but she wasn't sure how to send the video file to me. It was too big for an email attachment - so she uploaded it to youtube , and sent me the link, so I could look at the video. I was happy to reassure her that the hysteroscopy confirmed her uterine lining was normal !

Minimally invasive surgery has changed the practise of medicine - and endoscopy is now routine is many fields of medicine. The findings are documented as digital videos, which doctors can review when creating a treatment plan. Youtube can be a great way for doctors and patients to share medical videos inexpensively and efficiently !

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