Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What to do when doctors differ !

I just received an email from a very confused patient.

I went to two doctors, one is a fertility expert, the other is a gynec and an obstetrician. both have equivalent amount of experience after them, but my question is, when i went to the fertility expert so many problems cropped up, they said u could have a compromised reserve of ovaries, etc.. and fibroids too. but my visit to my family gynec and obstetrician resulted in me coming out with no evident problems, everything was normal and she just prescribed some iron tabs and another tab for some luteal phase. to enhance pregnancy.. we went to the specialist as my husband had to to his semen analysis and we just went in for another consultation to come out super stressed.. what is your opinion Doctor, whom do we believe? a person who says there is no problem, only the sperm count could be low which can be rectified or someone who is saying there are a zillion issues with your body and you need this and that treatments.. i am really zapped and so stressed. can you please let me know?

My heart went out to her ! Is the infertility specialist giving the right advise ? Or just creating more work for himself by "finding problems" ? Or is the gynecologist providing reassurance because he is clueless and does not know any better ?

I guess this a problem patients encounter all the time ! What does a patient who has angina do when the cardiologist advises a stent; while the cardiac surgeon advises bypass surgery ? Whom should he trust ? And why ?

This is one of the reasons Information Therapy can be so valuable ! If you can do your own homework and make sense of your medical reports , you are in a better position to make sense of conflicting advise and make the right decision for yourself !

What she did was also very sensible . She got a third opinion ( online) from an independent
specialist !

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