Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smart Cards in Healthcare - Smart Card Alliance

Smart Cards in Healthcare - Smart Card Alliance: "The use of smart cards can reduce healthcare paperwork and protect patient records. The smart card can hold encrypted patient information and use a digital signature or a biometric template to reduce ambiguity about the cardholder’s identity. The use of smart cards can also reduce the incidence of fraud in health benefit claims–a significant issue for the Federal government. And while HIPAA does not call for the use of specific technologies, it is likely that many healthcare enterprises will choose smart card-based solutions because of their ability to support secure data handling and reduce fraud.

Smart card technology can also improve the healthcare insurance process. Currently, eligibility verification and claims processing are too often characterized by redundant information collection, multiple reimbursement forms and lengthy delays. Paper-based manual processes greatly increase the risk of human error which results in significant avoidable costs to insurers, national health agencies, and healthcare providers. Too often, these processes result in significant delays in referral, treatment, and reimbursement for insured patients."

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