Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Patient Compliance

Patient Compliance " The first clinician to see the patient for a given ailment is actually providing a second opinion. It is the rare patient who does not arrive at a doctor’s appointment without forming an idea about what his or her symptoms portend. The source of the patient’s self-diagnosis may have been the New England Journal of Medicine, the web site, the 90-second personal health feature (inevitably called “To Your Health”) produced as a school project by the local TV station’s 19 year old intern, the overheard fragment of a conversation between two psychiatrists at a party, or my Aunt Hazel from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Even if the ideas are inaccurate — make that especially if the ideas are inaccurate — the failure to ask about and listen to these ideas is dangerous."

Unless doctors learn to look through their patients' eyes, they'll never be able to go a good job !

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