Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are you stuck in a rut? The pleasures of volunteering

Are you stuck in a rut? The day-to-day grind of long hours and endless paperwork make it easy to lose sight of the reasons you chose a life in medicine. It's little wonder that the needs of your practice tend to overshadow the dire needs of others around the world, and the ways you could help make a difference.

The next time you're due for a break from the office, you might strive to renew your love of medicine with a volunteer mission. Dozens of organizations, both domestically and internationally, need primary care physicians to treat the millions of people suffering from acute and chronic conditions as a result of poverty, natural disaster, armed conflict, and other factors limiting access to sufficient care.

Medical Economics spoke to physicians who volunteer with a number of these organizations, from those operating around the world to those just around the corner from your practice. Read on to learn about many of the top programs, which offer great relief to those in need—and perhaps to you as well.

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