Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Healthcare Matters - - Calculating ROI for Corporate Healthcare

Why Healthcare Matters - - Calculating ROI for Corporate Healthcare: " Sometimes the biggest obstacle to corporate change is the 'What if?' question. 'What if we try it, and it doesn't work?' 'What if it doesn't improve our way of doing business?'

As a result, the burden of changing is quite often avoided or delayed by the 'prove it' challenge. 'Show me precisely what we will gain, and we'll consider doing it - if you can guarantee the outcome.'

There are few guarantees in employee health, but for corporations truly committed to transforming their approach by leveraging healthcare consumerism, there is mounting evidence of successful outcomes. However, companies adopting consumer-driven health plans, health savings accounts, wellness programs and the array of related support programs also need to establish their own standards and metrics for success. What results will be significant enough to continue to support health care consumerism in a substantial and meaningful way? The answer will vary from company to company, but having the tools to measure the results will be a key step forward. This article will outline ideas and principles to consider in the ROI planning process."

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