Saturday, August 16, 2008

Practice Fusion | Free, On-Demand, Low Risk Healthcare Solutions

Practice Fusion | Free, On-Demand, Low Risk Healthcare Solutions: " Practice Fusion understands the two major barriers for practices to adopt new technology are cost and implementation. Solutions should not cost a year's revenues and require consultants onsite for long, drawn-out installations.

Practice Fusion fundamentally addresses these issue by offering no cost solutions that you can be up and running on in less than five minutes.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Practice Fusion has eliminated the costs charged by traditional vendors' solutions, including licensing, hosting, maintenance and consulting fees. You have access to full technical support, complete video training, live web training, and the importing of all of your current patient demographics to get you started.

" Live in Five. " Forget everything you know about software. Practice Fusion's exclusive 'Live in Five' program allows you to be up and charting in less than five minutes. There are no sales contracts, no consultants to go on-site, no installation of hardware, software, and databases."

Many more doctors will be willing to use EMRs if this innovative model takes off ! I am very hopeful this will be the start of a new trend in doctors using software for intelligent practise management.


  1. Consider an EMR system is available in India with zero installation (Operates from web and in both connected as well as disconnected mode) with minimal monthly rental as low as Rs 2000/- only. Do you think in India many doctors will be willing to use this.

    One of the major benefit of this would be to perform health researches specific to Indian environment?

  2. Abinash,

    Are you saying there is such a system in India today? I am responsible for the IT needs of a clinic in Cochin and in all my search have not come across anything close to Practice fusion.

    - Prashanth


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