Monday, July 23, 2007

How Canada is implementing the EHR

How Canada is implementing the EHR " By 2010, the electronic health record will be available
in eight provinces and territories representing 50 per cent of Canadians by population. Electronic health record solutions will enable clinicians to view and update
a patient-centric health record anywhere at any time. The electronic health record gives authorized healthcare providers rapid access to their patients’ complete, upto- date health information to support clinical decisionmaking and integrated patient management across the
continuum of care. As part of this transformation, the implementation target is to:

- Electronically capture, store and share an electronic health record that includes medication profiles, laboratory test results, hospital discharge summaries and clinical reports, immunizations and diagnostic imaging exams such as X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds

- Provide 600 of Canada’s acute care hospitals (60 per cent) and at least 25 per cent of all physicians, including family physicians and specialists, with the capability of viewing and updating electronic health information about their patients."

The rest of the world can learn a lot from this !

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