Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - About Children's - Diabetes Center - Diabetes Connection

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - About Children's - Diabetes Center - Diabetes Connection: "Taking care of your diabetes just got easier

With Diabetes Connection, the Diabetes Program at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh offers children with type 1 diabetes and their families the ability to electronically record medical information, partnering with their care providers to proactively manage their condition.

Diabetes Connection includes a personal health record (PHR), a secure connection between health care providers and patients and an online diabetes condition center.

* A PHR enables individuals to record medical information, such as allergies, immunizations, measurements, conditions, tests, medications, surgeries and procedures. PHRs help with communication between the care provider and the individual – they also help those with the condition better control and manage their disease.
* Secure messaging means patients and their families can communicate privately with health care providers.
* The diabetes condition center provides a toolkit with a diary to log glucose values and carbohydrate and insulin intake. A glucose meter can be interfaced directly with the computer, eliminating manual entry and the hassle that comes with it."

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