Saturday, January 07, 2023

The flipped consultation model can help you talk to your doctor !


One of the reasons a medical consultation can be very frustrating for both doctors and patients is that patients get brain freeze when talking to doctors , as a result of which they sometimes distort the facts or jumble them up or don't provide them in the right chronological order or forget to provide the right information , as a result of which the doctor cannot provide the right medical care because he cannot make the right diagnosis .

This is where the flipped consultation model can be so useful .

This is modeled after the flipped classroom model pioneered by the Khan Academy , where the students study the subject before going to class , so they are better prepared, and can use the teacher and their peers as educational resources to clear the points which they cannot figure out for themselves.

Similarly , in a flipped consultation model , patients do their homework before going to the doctor , prior to the consultation . They first write all their questions and doubts  down , and try answering themselves using all the free high quality medical resources available online from reliable websites such as those from the NIH, the NHS, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School. is very useful for patients who want to learn more about IVF.

Because you can do this on your own time , you can repeat the process by exploring multiple websites as well as the videos they create, so you will be able to understand exactly what is happening . These sites are patient-friendly because they are written in plain English , which means they are easy to understand .

This means that when you talk to your doctor , you will not get intimidated by the complex medical jargon which he throws at you during the consultation , in order to show you how expert he is. Also, because you have enough background information , you will be able to focus on your areas of doubt , which he will then be able to clarify , because he understands what your specific concerns are. This is a far better use both of your time as well as his.

While it's true that some old fashioned paternalistic doctors will take offense when Google Positive patients try to find out information for themselves , remember that good doctors respect well informed patients , and are happy to treat you as a partner in your quest for the right medical treatment , so that you can get better sooner. After all, you are both on the same side – yours !

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