Saturday, December 03, 2022

Why do bad IVF clinics refuse to give embryo photos routinely to all their patients ?

There are 3 important reasons you should demand photos of your embryos from your IVF clinic

1. This is a global best practice , which all leading IVF clinics all over the world follow , because this allows them to document that they generated top quality embryos. This is invaluable diagnostic and prognostic information as well ! If they did produce top quality blastocysts for you, then you know that your chances of getting pregnant over a period of time are excellent , and you just need to be patient ! However, if you don't have any photographs , this is valuable information that was wasted because of the lack of photos. If your clinic refuses to provide photographs , you have to ask yourself why they are hiding information from you ! All modern IVF labs have cameras attached to their microscopes,  and taking photographs does not harm the embryos at all , which is why we good clinics do this routinely for all their patients.

2. This practise is good for the patient because it proves to them that they received top quality medical care . The fact that the doctor made top quality blastocysts for them increases their trust and confidence in him. Much more importantly, they have peace of mind knowing that they have received the best possible medical care , and didn't leave any stone unturned in their quest for a baby. The outcome maybe uncertain, but embryo photos prove the process was carried out properly !

3. It's also good for the doctor to provide embryo photographs , because good doctors take pride in the high quality of care they provide . If they can provide photos of top quality blastocysts, this confirms that they are competent professionals who are doing a good job for their patients . This is great for the doctor’s reputation as well, because patients will often get a second opinion when their IVF cycle fails, and if the new specialist can see that the first doctor created top quality blastocysts, they can vouch for the fact that good quality medical care was provided , irrespective of the final outcome.

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