Thursday, July 07, 2022

Knowledge Is Power for IVF patients

Many IVF patients are surprisingly clueless about their treatment . They naively believe that all they need to do is find an IVF Clinic , and then leave everything up to the doctor .

This is very simplistic, because it assumes all doctors are equally competent, and that all doctors have your best interests at heart .

The reality is very different .

Not only is there a wide variation in the technical competence of doctors, their bedside manners vary a lot as well, and many aren’t kind or empathetic, because they are too rushed and busy. Also, many IVF clinics are setup in order to maximize their profits , rather than care for patients .

This is why patients can’t afford to leave everything upto their doctor. Yes, it is very convenient to do so , but the reality is that ignorance is not bliss . Unfortunately , most patients learn this the hard way - only after their first IVF cycle fails. This is when they get up and finally start doing their homework . This is when it dawns on them that the quality of treatment they received was very poor , because the doctor did not bother to do a blastocyst transfer , and did not share photos of their embryos with them . Sadly, by this stage, the damage has already been done , because you have already paid your money up front . In fact, many clinics sign you up for a three-cycle package , which means you are stuck with that doctor , even if you have already lost all confidence in him.

What’s even worse is that your ability to trust any other IVF doctor takes a beating ! If you have been cheated by one IVF doctor, then it’s perfectly natural to assume that all IVF doctors are cheats. ? After all, why should any other doctor be any better than your current one ?

This is why so many patients who could have got pregnant if they had done IVF at a good clinic end up losing their chance of having a baby . And to add insult to injury , they end up wasting their hard-earned money on incompetent doctors.

Please make sure that you are yourself with Information Therapy before starting your IVF journey !

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