Monday, May 09, 2022

Embryo transfer versus embryo implantation


One of the problems that plagues IVF today is that most IVF patients are still very poorly informed about the medical details of an IVF treatment cycle . Patients justify their ignorance by saying that they don’t need to worry about the technical minutiae , because that is the job of the doctor ; they don’t understand the medical jargon, and that a little knowledge can be dangerous !

If you do go to a good doctor who takes the time and trouble to explain the details to you, and is transparent and accountable , you will be fine . But what happens if you don't go to a good doctor ? Or if your doctor is not willing to be open and transparent about your treatment, and who hides critical medical  information from you, because they know they are incompetent ? This is the kind of doctor who will take you for a ride , because you don't know enough to be able to protect yourself – and sadly, this is still the majority in India today.

This is why it’s so important that you invest in Information Therapy ! A good doctor appreciates patients who have taken the time and trouble to educate and inform themselves,  because they have realistic expectations of IVF treatment, and this makes life much easier for both the patient and the doctor , because they are on the same page .

The patient knows exactly what to expect, and can check if the doctor is doing this, because they understand what to expect. This also reduces their stress levels because they are less anxious, since they know what’s going to happen next.

On the other hand, bad doctors get very upset when a patient is well informed because they know they are not going to be able to cheat this patient . They often get angry with the patient who asks them questions, and will insult them by telling them that there is no point in their becoming a half-doctor !

You need to protect yourself , because you can't automatically assume that every doctor you go to is a good doctor . This is why you need to understand the difference between embryo transfer and embryo implantation . Embryo transfer is a simple clinical procedure that we do routinely. This is done under ultrasound guidance, and good clinics will always provide photographs of embryos , so that patients know that the treatment has been done well . Until the point of embryo transfer , the medical treatment is in our hands , but after we transfer the embryo into the uterus , whether that embryo will implant and become a baby is not something which anyone can control , because this is a biological process , and human reproduction is not very efficient . This is true , whether you are trying to make babies in your bedroom or whether you are doing IVF  - and this is why every fertile couple doesn’t get pregnant every month they have sex !

We have no control over the implantation process – it’s still a black box for us. This is why patients need to understand the difference between embryo transfer and embryo implantation, and this knowledge is extremely important , because you can then decide what to do next in case the first IVF cycle fails !

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