Saturday, April 02, 2022

The commonest reason for IVF failure will surprise you !


Going through an IVF cycle can be very stressful , and especially when the cycle fails , your stress levels go through the roof . Patients want answers as to why the cycle failed, so they can do something different in the next cycle to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

There are many possible reasons for failure . Some of these are not in our control , such as the age of the wife. If she is old, there is a high probability that the quality of eggs will be poor, as a result of which the embryos will also be poor , and the chances of a pregnancy after transferring poor quality embryos are likely to be low.

However, the commonest reason for IVF failure is not bad eggs, bad sperm or a poor uterine lining ! A far commoner reason is poor quality embryos , and the most common reason for this is a poor quality IVF lab . This is because there is very little transparency, accountability, and openness in IVF clinics. They don’t bother about quality control, because they prefer to focus on quantity in order to maximise their profits. They often function as assembly lines, which treat patients as objects. In order to hide their incompetence, these labs refuse to provide patients with photos of their embryos .

Any clinic that refuses to do this is a bad clinic. After all, why do they want to hide this basic information from their patients ? Good labs are proud of the quality of embryos they create, and are happy to share this with their patients to document that they have received high-quality medical care.

The tragedy is that most IVF clinics in India don't share photos of embryos because they know that the quality of care that they provide is so poor , that the embryos they make are of poor quality, and they don’t dare share this bitter truth with patients .

Even though the commonest cause of IVF failures is poor quality embryos because of a bad IVF clinic, they get away with hiding this information . What’s worse, is that they add insult to injury by blaming the patient for the failure. They come up with all kinds of creative reasons, such as "stress," or "immune rejection," "sperm DNA fragmentation," "poor endometrial receptivity," or "genetic defects." By hiding the truth from the patients , they fool them into doing cycle after cycle at the same bad clinicoften after making them do expensive tests ( to extract more money), and subjecting them to even more expensive treatment ( such as "immune therapy") to extract even more money !

Sadly, because it’s the lab that is bad, the poor patients keep on getting the same negative result , cycle after cycle. After wasting a lot of time, money, and energy , they are so broken and disheartened, that they don’t have the courage to take treatment at a better IVF clinic .

These bad clinics cause a lot of harmnot only to patients, but to the reputations of all IVF clinics across the country.

Remember that the only way to protect yourself from this exploitation is to learn to protect yourself from these hacks, by insisting that they provide photographs of your embryos to you, If the clinic refuses to do this, this is a red flag , and you should run away from the clinic as fast as possible !

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