Friday, September 03, 2021

A simple secret to help you find the best IVF clinic to maximise your IVF success rate

So which is the best IVF center for you ?

A big problem for most IVF patients is they are unable to identify which IVF clinic is good.

They naively assume that all IVF clinics are the same , because most of them are run by famous brand name reputed doctors ; and all claim an equally high success rates . Also, all their websites look very similar ( because they seem to be copied and pasted from each other !)

This is why most patients don't spend enough time and energy in thinking about how to select a good IVF Clinic . They usually select the one which is closest ; the one which is cheapest; the one which has the largest ad; or the one their family doctor sends them to .

This can actually be a dangerous way of choosing a clinic, because the truth is that not all IVF clinics are created equal .

If you end up going to a bad IVF clinic , not only will you waste your money , you'll end up ruining your chances of getting pregnant , because you will lose trust in all IVF clinics !

Here’s a simple trick you can use to help you !

Instead of trying to identify good IVF clinics , use the inversion rule , and start by identifying bad IVF clinics . This is actually easier, because there are far more bad IVVF clinics than good ones.

Here is one simple question you can ask to eliminate the bad IVF clinics . If you do this often enough, you will automatically end up going to a good one !

The hallmark of a bad IVF clinic is they do not provide embryos photos routinely and proactively to all their patients . Thus, if the clinic doesn't provide photos and doesn't do blastocyst transfer routinely , this means it’s a had clinic ( until proven otherwise ).

This simple suggestion will help you identify the right clinic , so that you can get pregnant as quickly as possible

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