Friday, July 30, 2021

Knowledge is Power for IVF Patients - the Importance of Information Therapy

 IVF patients are often confused as to whether they should look for information online for themselves.

After all, we all know  that half knowledge is dangerous , and that it’s not a good idea to try to treat yourself . After all, your doctor is the medical expert – why not let him make all the decisions ? After all, he comes highly recommended – and aren’t you paying him enough ? Why not let him do his job, instead of trying to second guess him ?

Many husbands discourage their wives from spending time on the Internet , because they feel that get completely obsessed with this exercise. They waste so much time online, looking for information - and then get completely confused , because so much of the information is unreliable and contradictory . They often end up worse off than before they started searching, because they don’t know whom or what to trust !

Also, internet positive patients often end up irritating doctors , who feel that patients are trying to act extra smart . They don't really want to answer the patient’s questions , because this takes them too much time and energy .

The truth is that you need to learn how to search the Internet properly .

Reliable information is invaluable , because it reduce your stress levels .

A huge problem which plagues IVF is the uncertainty which surrounds it, and this creates a lot of anxiety , because you don't know what is going to happen next . The fear of the unknown often puts patients off from even starting an IVF cycle, because of all the horror stories they have heard about side effects and complications.

Also, even if you do screw up your courage and start the cycle, you are often flying blind during your treatment, because the doctor often refuses to share information, and being in the dark can be very uncomfortable ! Is your cycle going well ? Can the doctor do something to improve your chances ? Is it only the assistants who are making all the medical decisions ?

On the other hand , if you are well informed , you are in control, because you know what's happening , and what to expect next. You can have intelligent discussions with your doctor , and ask intelligent questions . Remember, Knowledge is Power, and it’s much easier to deal with the ups and downs of the IVF roller coaster ride if you know what to expect.

The secret is to become a well-informed internet searcher, and it's helpful to remember that not all websites are created equal .

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