Saturday, October 24, 2020

Why I love answering IVF patient's questions


One of the commonest complaints which patients have about doctors is that they aren't willing to answer their questions.

For me, it's exactly the opposite , so if you want a doctor who is happy to clear your doubts, please talk to me. I love answering patient’s questions because these keep me on my toes. 

Having to explain to patients means I need to simplify complex medical topics and strip them of jargon, so patients understand what I am saying.
More importantly , these questions help me to empathize with my patient , because I'm not a mind reader , and I don't know what their worries and anxieties are. If they ask questions, I can resolve these, and patients appreciate this reassurance. 
Patients want openness and transparency, and if I can clarify matters for them, they don’t have to spend sleepless nights about a doubt which I could clear up if they'd asked me the question directly. 

Finally, your questions also help me to generate content for my website , because if one patient has a query, it’s quite likely that others will have this too, and if I can answer these online, I can help many of them. 

Remember that the word doctor is derived from the word, “docere”, which means to teach ! And I love prescribing Information Therapy – it’s free, and has no side effects !

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