Wednesday, December 04, 2019

How IVF patients can use Dr Google intelligently !

A lot of husbands get worried because their wives spend so much time on Google.
After all, being infertile can be stressful and infertile women are hungry for information , which Dr. Google provides in abundance !
This is especially true when you're going for an IVF cycle, but a lot of family members don't like women obsessing over IVF websites.
For one, they are worried that they will start thinking of themselves as being half doctors - after all, isn't half knowledge dangerous ? Yes, it is , but this doesn't mean ignorance is bliss either.
Their bigger worry is that they will start worrying needlessly, especially because so much of the information available online is unreliable. All this worrying can't possibly be good for them , because it increases their stress levels !
Yes, they have a valid point, and simply want to protect them from anxiety.
However, we need to take a supporting attitude, rather than being judgmental  ! The good thing about Dr. Google is it teaches you what you don't need to worry about , if you are a smart user.
It helps you understand what's in your control - and equally , what's not in your control, so you stop obsessing pointlessly over stuff you can't do anything about. Knowledge is power when used well !
This means there's no need to stop using Google, but it's important to learn how to use Google intelligently. The good news is that Google can teach you how to do this as well, by helping you to identify which websites are reliable, updated and accurate !

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