Sunday, March 31, 2019

The biochemical pregnancy scam.

Lots of IVF clinics claim to have very high pregnancy rates, and it often appears that practically anyone who does an IVF cycle in these clinics gets pregnant !
Sadly, most of them don't end up with babies !
This is because of the clever scam which these clinics run, where they give HCG injections routinely to all their patients after the embryo transfer.
The beauty about giving an HCG injection is that this injected HCG enters the blood stream and gets excreted in the urine . If patients do a urine pregnancy test or a blood test after this injection, it'll come back as positive, and they'll be delighted that the IVF cycle was successful !
However, the positive pregnancy test is not because they're pregnant, but because of the HCG injection which the doctor gave them. When the HCG level then drops, they say she miscarried !
However, the positive test gives patients false hope , because they feel that if they got pregnant once in that clinic, their chances of getting pregnant a second time is very high.
Sadly, patients aren't sophisticated enough to understand this, and this is how these clinics take their patients for a ride .
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