Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Why we specialise in treating patients who have failed IVF treatment

Most IVF clinics prefer treating patients who are coming to them for their first IVF cycle , because these are patients who have the highest chance of getting pregnant. Most clinics don't like treating patients who have failed an IVF cycle earlier, because the very fact that they failed in another clinic means that their chances of getting pregnant in their second cycle are lower as compared to someone who is doing their first IVF cycle, because they often have an underlying medical problem which is not easy to tackle.
However, we actually prefer treating patients who have failed an IVF cycle done in another clinic. For one thing , because they've been through a cycle before , they know exactly what's involved. They have realistic expectations of IVF treatment, because they've already dealt with failure . They have learned the hard way that the success rate in a single IVF cycle is never going to be 100%. They appreciate that all an IVF doctor can do is focus on the process and make sure that the treatment is carried out properly , because the final outcome is not in anyone's hands.
                                These patients are much more fun to treat because they're much better informed. They ask intelligent questions, and because they've done their homework, they keep us on our toes . This helps to improve the quality of care which we provide. They also provide us with a benchmark , because we can compare and contrast our practice with what they've done elsewhere .
Finally, most importantly, they can appreciate why we're better than most other clinics.               For patients who're doing the first IVF cycle with us, they can see we are good doctors, but they don't have any basis for comparison. On the other hand, someone who's done an IVF cycle somewhere else understands how much kinder and better we are. We don't make them wait unnecessarily; and we don't have any assistants, which means we're very hands on. We make all our decisions ourselves, and this allows us to customise the treatment protocol for each patient's specific problem. We're very open and transparent, and treat them as intelligent responsible adults. We are non-judgmental, and respect their personal desires and wishes, so they are empowered and in control.
We create a treatment plan for them, so they know what to expect; and we have created apps as well as tons of educational materials, so they can manage their IVF  cycle better. Finally, we routinely given them photos of their embryos, so they know exactly what's happening, and have peace of mind they have received the highest quality of care.
It's only when you have experienced the quality of care at an average IVF clinic that you can appreciate  how different and special we are !

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