Saturday, September 30, 2017

TB PCR testing is a waste of time and money, and causes harm

A patient just sent me this email

Sir I have 5 year baby girl...I have started treatment for conceive second baby before 4 year. ...but unfortunately I m not getting result... doctor give mi advice for doing laparoscopy because of both tubes are blocked.i have done laproscopy in april. after laproscopy I have try natural conceive for but result was not getting gud....I forgot to take report of tbpcr ...I was called the report in august.and unfortunately my tbpcr is come positive.and I was take AKT4 near about 15 days.but this medicine not suit to me.i stop medicine...and same month I conceive baby....I confused .....what I can pregnancy continue or abort.plz  give mi advice.thanku 
This poor patient never had genital TB, and was mis-diagnosed as having TB because of the TB PCR test result, which is extremely unreliable, because it is riddled with false positives .
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She fortunately decided to stop the medicines on her own, and then promptly got pregnant - without any medical "help".

However, she is now worried that her "TB" will harm the baby, and is thinking about terminating a completely healthy pregnancy.

Gynecologists should be ashamed of the harm they are causing to their patients by this kind of irrational prescribing !

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