Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book review for Patient Safety - Protect yourself from Medical Errors from health literacy expert, Helen Osborne

I think your book is terrific in so many ways. You took on, and met, the challenge of writing simultaneously for a dual audience of physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as patients, families, and the lay public. Your simply, clearly, and poignantly addressed key issues, starting with the basics of patient safety, medical errors, and quality care and expanding from there to current concerns such as digital health. What impressed me even more than your excellent content, suggestions, and links to resources is your voice — starting with the candid telling of your story about “The night I nearly killed my patient” and concluding with the many ways you and others have since worked to improve patient care and safety. Your book is an engaging, important, and easy to follow reference that professionals and patients everywhere can learn from. Thanks for doing all you do and writing about it so well.

Helen Osborne.

I am very pleased, because Helen is a health literacy expert ! Her website is at http://healthliteracy.com/

You can read the book free at www.safetyforpatients.in !

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