Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our IVF babies smarter than babies made in the bedroom ?

I just received this email today.

Our daughter KIMAYA turned 1 year on 15th April. We took her to Singapore to celebrate a very special and memorable birthday which a toddler can enjoy - undivided and uninterrupted attention of both parents mixed with loads of 'first time' fun activities for her.

Got back yesterday and thought of a few people to thank for making this day possible in our lives and the first name was definitely - Dr. Malpani. You are not God, but definitely not meaning anything less than that to us and I am sure to many fortunate parents benefited by your treatment.

Having 'Kimaya' as a daughter has been a blessed 1 year of parenthood journey. She is a gorgeous and intelligent baby (never fails to amuse me with her socio-motor developments ahead of time). Most importantly, she just seems to be as perfect a baby as I ever dreamt of, with handpicked best qualities from both of us. I know you disagree to my thought, but being in medical research for 10 years, I can bet anything on my observation (based on several IVF babies of closely known couples) that IVF produces the BESTEST baby a couple can!!

For the sake of science, do look into it. After all, we defy nature's change of random selection from a large sperm & ova pool and select the best quality raw material for this production !!

And on a very serious note - I have always believed, that God bestowed his divine blessings on us through your blessed hands. From the bottom of my heart, I pray to God to empower your hands with immense healing powers and no couple shall return fortuneless from your doors ever.

God bless you and all your patients with success always.


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While we are happy to take the credit for making super-smart babies, I don't think we t deserve it ! The reality is that IVF babies have a headstart over other babies, because their parents dote on them , and lavish so much love and energy on them. I agree they are truly blessed !

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  1. Of course , yes ! :) Do you need proof ? You must see my daughter , Anisha. At 15 months , she operates ipad. She can work with her rhymes App. She remembers the animal name I taught her once. When she says raaabiith , by seeing the rabbit picture - nothing else is more cuter :)

    When I and her dad got into am argument when she was merely a year old , she signed to us 'no' by moving her finger side to side. Can a one year old be so emotionally receptive , and respond, too ?

    Although , I do not believe IVF brings together the best egg and sperm , I agree with what you said - IVF gives the child best parents. I guess all the wisdom we gained during the struggle to conceive them are transferred to them as epigenetic tags :) And , with all the minute attention we provide them , and loads of love , they perform much better.

    I was once worried about IVF/ICSI overriding the natural selection process. But now I realize , no matter what , love conquers everything. Even natural selection is powerless in front of love :)


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