Tuesday, November 04, 2014

IVF ( TESE-ICSI) success story for couple from Bangalore

We, VANI & MATHUR ( Both names changed)from Bangalore  were married 14 years and were running pillar to post to have a child of our own.  We did not have any idea of adoption and hence were trying to have our own child and went on with all sorts of treatments for 14 long years . At the end we came to know that my husband was suffering from AZOOSPERMIA and we were told
there was no hope of cure for this problem. We also tried for homeopathy treatment for nearly 1.5 years but this did not yield any results .

One day we came across Dr Malpani’s website and we really liked reading his success stories and all things looked very transparent & we thought there was some hope on the other side of the coin as age was also a concern for us and this was not in our side.

We immediately wrote a detailed mail to him with all our reports and he was quick enough to suggest some more tests for both of us . For me ( husband) he suggested to go for testicular biopsy to check whether sperms were getting produced in the testicles ( testis) and also to check whether this was case of Obstructive azoospermia or a non obstructive one.

We immediately contacted our doctor friend in Chennai for the above tests and he  organized these in Chennai & semen samples were sent to two different labs to check the results. To our joy sperms were getting produced in the testis and the Chennai doctor immediately asked us to rush to Dr Malpani with these results.

We went to Dr Malpani in the April  2013 and TESE-ICSI  was suggested by Dr Malpani & we spent nearly 10 days in Mumbai for the treatment . We were asked to go for HCG test after 14 days of the transfer of the embryos and the BETA HCG result showed  positive and confirmed pregnancy. We were overjoyed but this was short lived, since the second test after  2 days proved decline in the HCG levels , which showed termination of the pregnancy. We spoke to Dr Malpani and he advised us to be strong & face the reality of life  & suggested to come again for the next attempt.  We had frozen  6 A grade embryos and there was still some hope in the second attempt for us .

After some lull , we again decided to visit Dr Malpani in the month of Jan 2014 and we underwent the transfer of the frozen embryos , which was performed by Dr Malpani . We stayed for about 2 days after the transfer and landed back in Bangalore with some hopes of conceiving. We again had the BETA HCG test done after 14 days and wow the results were positive. We repeated the tests again the second and the third time and we found the HCG results doubling, that confirmed the pregnancy and we conveyed this news to Dr Malpani , who continued guiding us and addressing our mails very promptly.

Dr Malpani asked us to enjoy the pregnancy and this was the beginning for the next 9 months battle. We found all the scans were normal and we had a little angel born in Sep 2014 to us . At last, we are proud parents now and can happily celebrate father’s and mother’s day all due to the excellent work done by both Dr Anirudhha Malpani and Dr Anjali Malpani , who were with us throughout this journey . They guided us well and we are grateful to both of them in this life .

We are very pleased that we went to Dr Malpani’s clinic , because they have a high success rate as there they are equipped with all the latest technology and are real experts in this field.


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