Monday, June 02, 2014

Never give up hope, never ever!

No one can foresee the future; if you will be healthy, successful within your profession or when you find true love. But one thing will be very clear to almost everyone - if and when you find true love the most of us also start to plan for a family, with children as a common goal. Not many expect themselves to be involuntarily childless, but this was what happened to us. This is our story in short.

We met late in life, took a few years to know each other and made some extreme vacations  around the world to challenge ourselves and our relationship. When all the pieces in our life puzzle was clear - we realize that we want to get married and have children. After more than a year without pregnancy we started evaluate our options and created an action plan. We were not ready to give up yet!

Since our biological clock had been ticking for a few years on the critical side we realized that we needed professional help from a clinic. In Sweden, at the time, it was only allowed to perform IVF treatment with own biological materials (egg donor not legal to use) and maximum two fertilized eggs could be inserted without exception. We started the first cycle with IVF treatment and with approved exemption two fertilized eggs were inserted (exemptions due to a certain age of the woman it can be allowed to insert two eggs). Even if the fertilized eggs were considered to be of very high quality it all ended with miscarriage. The emotional inner journey was like a rollercoaster and this was a very depressing time in our life. But, we were not ready to give up yet!

At this time we had already booked date and place for our wedding, but made the decision to cancel it all to use our savings for additional IVF treatments. We went through another three IVF treatments without success – resulting in no marriage and no pregnancy and our life at this time circled around questions like why, what could have been done different and dispute the meaning of life and our believes. But, we were not ready to give up yet!

Up to now we had tried everything for pregnancy, unfortunately without results. We finally made an emotional decision to give it a last try - to really leave our comfort zone and go half around the globe for a final IVF treatment with donor eggs, in a country very unfamiliar to us, with different culture, new people to trust and put our life into their hands - this in combination of being very long way from home and family. We arrived in Mumbai just before the monsoon in 2012, and the day after we had the first meeting with Dr Malpani. From here and forward we was treated in a very professional way and had several follow up meetings and sampling with analyzes during treatment.  It resulted in a total of four (4) fertilized eggs and all of them were inserted. After more than 4 weeks in India we went back home and our miracle baby was born 2013! There is hope for everyone, just never give up!

Today we are married and blessed with a little baby, we are very grateful for all the professional help from Malpani Infertility Clinic, Mumbai (India). We recommend them for all of you that are planning for a IVF treatment.

The couple from Sweden 2012

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