Sunday, October 27, 2013

IVF in a large hospital or a free-standing clinic ?

IVF patients are often not sure how to select an IVF clinic which is right for them . Since most medical procedures are carried out in hospitals , most IVF patients naively believe that the hospital setting is the best place in which to get their IVF treatment . Lots of hospitals do offer IVF treatment, and patients feel safe and secure in a hospital setting, because they believe that hospitals are well-equipped , and can handle any emergency , in case anything should go amiss during the treatment. Hospitals also have large advertising and marketing budgets , which is why they find it easy to attract patients .

However , hospitals are  not the best settings for providing IVF care – and most IVF treatment globally is offered in freestanding independent IVF clinics which provide specialized care on a day-care basis . The problem with hospitals is that they are large and impersonal ; full of red-tape ; and can be dangerous because they harbor antibiotic –resistant bacteria and lots of sick patients.

IVF patients are not really patients – they are basically healthy couples , who just need little bit of help in order to kick-start their pregnancy.  Being forced to wait with sick patients in a hospital environment can actually be dangerous , because of risk of medical errors and hospital acquired infections within this kind of setting is far more than it would be in an IVF clinic .

IVF clinics are focused factories , which are designed to deal only with IVF patients . They provide all the services which an IVF patient needs under one roof. IVF clinics are much more cost effective and patient friendly. In a hospital setting, IVF patients are forced to deal with the hospital bureaucracy . They have to wait in line to pay their bills ; fill in their admission paperwork; and get a followup appointment. This can be extremely frustrating - and this is especially true when the IVF clinic in the hospital is part of an OB/GYN department , and the poor IVF patient is forced to sit in the same room with pregnant women .

IVF clinics can offer much more personalized hands-on care, which is tailored efficiently to meet the specialized needs of IVF patients .   The trouble is that not all IVF clinics have a good reputation ; and not all of them have the experience, expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to provide good-quality care. This is why it's important for patients to do their homework  ! Just because a clinic is situated in a hospital doesn't necessarily mean that it has the latest IVF equipment and facilities – and just because it is freestanding doesn't mean that it's not as well equipped as any clinic anywhere in the world . IVF technology is very specialized and focused , and most modern IVF clinics provide all the facilities and services which patients need.

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