Monday, July 08, 2013

Free IVF app !

IVF treatment is complex and expensive. It needs a lot of coordination and monitoring.You have a busy life style and need to know in advance what is going to happen when, so you can plan your work around your IVF schedule. You cannot afford to forget your meds or miss your appointments !

MyFertilityDiary is a free app for android smartphones which can help you organise your life and manage your IVF treatment efficiently ! 

The unique heart of the app is the Treatment Calendar. This has prepopulated schedules for the commonest infertility treatments , including the various IVF and IUI protocols. You can modify this schedule this for your own treatment, as needed. The app is designed around a Calendar/Organiser which allows you to organize your life. You can set reminders, so you remember their appointments and their medications.

It has a full medication calendar. It helps you stay organized by scheduling duration, frequency and number per day. With each medication, you can add notes for dosage, and set reminders to help you stay on schedule.

Navigating through the fertility world can be an arduous process and, at times, overwhelming. My Fertility Diary simplifies the journey...

You can download this free at Get The App - Android Play Store

There's more information about the app at

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