Saturday, May 11, 2013

Infertility and Mother's Day

This is a guest post from our expert patient, Manju.

Many infertile women who are struggling to become mothers view Mother’s Day as a curse, because it cruelly reminds them of their inability to become a mother. While the rest of the world celebrates motherhood, they suffer from Mother's day blues.

Just stop and think about this picture - did the lady ever carry a baby in her womb ? No – but even though she never gave birth, she will always be fondly remembered as Mother Teresa. When we think of Mother Teresa, we remember :

her caring ways;
the selfless service she rendered to the poor and needy;
the love and compassion she showered on suffering souls;
the dedication she showed in the work she did;
the sacrifices she made did to make this world a better place.

It’s these qualities which prompted people to call her "MOTHER" affectionately , and not the fact that she had undergone the biological process of giving birth !

Mother's day is a celebration of all the sterling qualities that exist in a human being - LOVE, AFFECTION, DEDICATION, SACRIFICE, COMPASSION, and EMPATHY.

Being infertile actually brings out these latent qualities which lie within all us. Can you show me an infertile women who doesn't love children ? Being infertile teaches you empathy – and all of us learn a lot from adversity.

Infertile women are usually much more caring – and can reach out to a fellow soul in pain because they are suffering themselves.  The truth is that carrying a baby for 9 months doesn't make anyone a mother - caring does !

Is there anyone else who knows how precious motherhood is than we do :)

So, my dear friends, have a very Happy Mother's Day ! Every one of us deserves as many Mother's day wishes as any other women !

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  1. Thank you very much for this blog. It was so soothing. I almost cried reading the Mother's Day wish at the end because it is the first time in 10 years somebody wished me for being an Infertile 'Mother'.

    1. Prathibha, I know how you feel. Couple of years back I got a mother's day wish from a person I knew -I was so happy. He then wrote to me that he is sorry for wishing me so ! I was shocked beyond belief. Ofcourse, he didn't say that to hurt me. He knows that I am going through infertility and didn't know how to react perhaps. Bu that did leave a scar in me. Then I read a post in FB which talked about the greatness of motherhood and it ended by saying that only a mother can understand the importance of a child. I wrote this post to help me deal with the pain I underwent and I am happy that it helps some more women who is going through the pain of infertility just like me. Most women like us see every child like our own and the mother in us has no equals :)

  2. The children of infertile couples are truly blessed because infertile patients make much better parents. They have worked hard at getting pregnant - and their babies are deeply desired and cherished. While most fertile couples take their children for granted, infertile parents are much more " hands on " and spend a lot of time and energy on bringing up great kids !

  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Well said Manju! Thanks for easing the pain. While I am otherwise a happy-go-lucky person, I have realized I become one mean person on this one day as i feel left out in a crowd of happy mothers celebrating themselves. can you beleive that i didn't feel like wishing even my mother Happy Mother's Day. Only few hours before the day ended, I called and wished mom and sister when I became sane again and realized how mean I was being. I have my weaker days too, I guess! Happy Mother's Day dear ladies. Anjani

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