Friday, April 19, 2013

What makes Healthwise so special ?

When you see a successful organization like Healthwise, the first question you ask is - What makes this organization so different and so special ? Why does it work so well ? How is it possible to replicate them ?

A lot of what makes them so special is intangible.

The Healthwise mission statement is simple – We help people make better healthcare decisions. Most companies have equally memorable mission statements, but what makes Healthwise remarkable is the fact that this actually does drive the entire organization . This is something that each individual employee believes in – it’s not just something which is published on a website or plastered on the Annual Report.

There are three principles which guide the work done at Healthwise. The first is respect. The second is teamwork . The third, and perhaps the most important of all is - do the right thing. This is an organization which doesn't just pay lip service to these statements , unlike most other organizations . The employees actually live and breathe these principles in every act they perform . I think this is what differentiates a good organization from a great one.

This is one of the key criteria which Healthwise uses in selecting new employees – is this the kind of person who believes in our values ? Will she be able to live by them ?

The other remarkable feature is how humble everyone here is . They have great self-esteem, and are proud of what they are doing , because they know they are doing some great stuff - but they are not being self-congratulatory about it at all . They just get on with doing their job, to help improve the world and make it a better place for all of us !

The founder and leader plays a great role in shaping the DNA of an organization , and Don Kemper is a great role model. He truly inspires his employees , all of whom hope to follow in his footsteps !

( In case you are wondering why I selected this image, please note the gorgeous dog in the lobby of the Healthwise office building. Staff are welcome to bring their dogs into their office - and most take their dogs out for a walk daily. Not only does Healthwise talk about improving health - they actually practise what they preach !)

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