Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surrogacy success story

We were first introduced to Dr. Malpani’s office by a friend who was born in India and still had family there.  She went to Mumbai for an IVF cycle with her husband after years of trying in the United States.  Two weeks after she came home from India she found out that it had worked and that she was pregnant.  She was blessed with a beautiful baby boy 9 months later.  When we decided to pursue IVF with a donor egg and Surrogate in 2010, we first tried in the United States and the cycle failed.  Our friend told us that we should consider going to India and she told us about the great experience she had with the Malpani Infertility Clinic.  We were a bit hesitant because Mumbai is so far away and we didn’t know how we would be received as a gay male couple. After speaking with Dr. Malpani and exploring his website we decided to go ahead with treatment there.

We are so glad we did!!!  From the start Dr. Malpani was responsive, informative and understanding of all of our concerns.  One of the difficulties we had with the IVF process in the United States was that it took so long to coordinate all of the various components of the procedure.  Our first attempt at IVF in the United States took almost 2 years to get to the point when the transfer happened (and subsequently failed).  With Dr. Malpani, every part of the procedure happened so quickly.  We were truly shocked because we were accustomed to the months of waiting with the previous IVF clinic we used.  We first contacted Dr. Malpani in January of 2012, we shipped the sperm to Mumbai in February, and by May of 2012 our surrogate was pregnant with a donor egg and my husband’s sperm. 

 We just returned from Mumbai with our beautiful and healthy baby girl, Gloria Maya, who was born on January 24th 2013.  We had no trouble getting the American citizenship for Gloria, and received the exit permit the same day from the Indian Foreign services office.  We highly recommend the Malpani Fertility Clinic without hesitation; in fact we will be pursuing IVF again in order to have a second baby. We would be glad to speak to any interested couples if they want to know about our experience.  Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] and we can exchange phone numbers.

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