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Try, try again until you succeed - IVF success story !

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We got married in the year 2003, ours being a love marriage. Initially we thought that making a baby would come to us naturally – after all, when couples spend time together, most will have a baby on their own without any help. However, as years were passing by, we were not able to have a baby in spite of all our systems being normal.

In year 2005 end we went to G Hospital,  Bangalore and after basic tests we came to know I had  polycystic ovaries, for which weight reduction was suggested as I was 72 Kgs. We underwent IUI with no result. In end 2006 we went to an infertility center at Bangalore for another check up. The doctor suggested for another IUI cycle , but this also failed.As my husband was traveling a lot due to his nature of work , we were unable to fallow up continuously. Mean time we were trying naturally, yet no result.

In year 2008 end , we went to Chennai . Again we under went all tests,  including laparoscopy , and everything was found to be normal. Doctor suggested for another IUI yet no success. After going there , we decided we will not go for IVF as we saw the couples who had undergone IVF were not enjoying their pregnancy as they were forced to have complete bed rest for 7 -8 months in the hospital.
As we were getting older , we were desperate to have a baby , so we decided to go to Dr. Aniruddha Malpani , who was suggested by my husband’s  friend who had a success story at his clinic.

In year 2011 March , we went to Dr.Malpani clinic two days before my cycle was to start. After meeting and talking to doctor who suggested in view of age it was best we go for IVF directly. We felt like we are in safe hands He told us the IVF treatment is like  a normal process and you can enjoy pregnancy and motherhood just like other women do. Dr.Anjali picked up 11 eggs out of which 9 embryos fertilized. Three embryos of day three 8-cell Grade A were transferred. We took it for granted that we will have our baby so we were hesitant to freeze the remaining embryos but doctor advised for freezing the remaining six 8-cell Grade A embryos. We distributed cakes to Dr.Malpani and Team and came back home after the 6th day of ET , very cautiously , avoiding bumpy roads. We waited for the remaining days with anxiety but the Beta HCG Blood Report was negative. We were shattered and shocked to see the result.

We called up doctor and informed him the result . He advised us not to get disheartened; to take two months of break ; and then go for the frozen cycle.

Again we went to Dr.Malpani in September 2011 for ET, Three embryos of day three 8-cell Grade A were transferred out of six. We came home with lots of hope this time as it was a frozen cycle; we waited for the Beta HCG Blood Report and the count was 21.2 mIU/ml,we called up doctor who informed us it might be chemical pregnancy , but to keep our fingers crossed . The doctor asked us to repeat the test after three days. After three days we repeated the test, and the result was Negative. Again we went to Dr.Malpani, on 24th November 2011 . ET was done; we repeated the pregnancy test and it was negative yet again.

We went for the fresh IVF cycle in Jan 2012.  Dr.Anjali picked up 11 eggs out of which 7 embryos cleaved. This time four embryos of day three 8-cell Grade A were transferred. The remaining three embryos did not survive for freezing. We came home with lots of hope this time as well, we waited for the Beta HCG Blood Report with lot of prayers and keeping our fingers crossed and repeat the test, but the result was negative again.

We decided that we will take few month breaks during which I went for ayurvedic detoxification of the system and reduce my weight. Dr.Malpani suggested we will try ZIFT this time so he advised to carry out HSG test. The report was Normal, so Doctor said we can go-ahead with ZIFT.

Every time after the result was negative , we used to sit and read all the success stories of Dr.Malpani clinic and boost our confidence and build faith and trust in doctor and think positive always and keep questioning GOD why its not happening to us. Even Dr.Malpani and team were confused as all embryos were good, endometrial thickness were good ,procedure was going good but it was not happing to us.

We went for fresh ZIFT cycle in the month of September 2012, Dr.Anjali picked up 11 eggs out of which 9 embryos fertilized, and three embryos were transferred by ZIFT procedure, out of remaining six embryos three were frozen on day five. Other three did not survive. As usual we came home with lots of hope this time as well, we waited for the Beta HCG blood report with lot of prayers and keeping our fingers crossed, but the result was negative again.

We called up doctor and asked him why is not happening to us. He gave us five options:  1. Transfer the frozen embryos, 2. egg adoption, 3.embryo adoption, 4.surrogacy, 5.change the doctor.

We had never lost our hope, faith and trust in Dr.Aniruddha Malpani and started our next frozen cycle in November 2012 , deciding that this is our last attempt of IVF as we had only three frozen embryos to be transferred. Finally the ET was done on 12th November 2012 with three embryos. As usual we came home with lots of hope this time, we waited for the Beta HCG Blood Report with lot of prayers and keeping our fingers crossed and finally at last the result was positive with reading 394.0 mIU/ml. When we saw the result we were completely out of this world and so happy which words can’t define. This was possible only because of Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and team’s sincere effort and hard work and of course by the grace of Almighty GOD ( every time we use to go to Siddhi Vinayak temple at Dadar) and numerous prayers and blessing of the elders. The HCG level rose well, and the day we went for a scan to see how many embryos had implanted, we came home happily with the news that we had a singleton pregnancy. Later in the  evening there was some discharge , which made us shocked and disturbed , till we got the reply from our doctor that there was nothing to worry - it is quite common during pregnancy. We would every time contact him over e-mail and he would respond at the earliest. Whenever I have doubt, I would mail him and his response would be there within 24 hours. On 10th Dec 2012 we went for scan to see the heart beat of our little baby angel.

We are very very happy and thankful to Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and Team from bottom of our heart. When we had gone to other clinics for check up or consultation , we were been treated  like we have some disease, but in Dr.Malpani Clinic we never felt that we have come here for treatment as Dr.Malpani and Team are very friendly and co-operative. We pray GOD bless Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and Team in their great work of bringing smiles to the childless couples from across the world.

To our dear readers - never give up, have faith and trust in doctor and Almighty God and positive results will follow for sure. We wish and pray Almighty God for all the childless couples to be blessed with child and bring big smile on their face.

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