Thursday, November 22, 2012

IVF success story for PCOD patient at Malpani Infertility Clinic

Our struggle with infertility started shortly after our marriage when I was diagnosed with PCOD. However, it was only when we started trying to conceive that we realized how and to what extent it reduced our chances of having a baby. After struggling for almost 5 years with medications and IUI we decided to seek serious intervention and underwent IVF at a well -known hospital in Bangalore. It failed, also shaking our belief that IVF was a sure short method of conceiving. We repeated the IVF cycle again with the same doctor and it failed again. This time the doc stated that she has done the best she could and it was our choice whether we repeat the regime over and over till we get pregnant or give up. I was appalled by her insensitivity and also with the thought that probably we have hit a medical roadblock.

We decided to take a break and keep trying without medical help. Incidentally, we got pregnant twice but lost both the pregnancies in the first trimester. It was then that one of my acquaintances got pregnant after undergoing IVF at Malpani infertility clinic. I approached Dr. Aniruddha Malpani for an opinion and after considering our medical history and reports he sounded very optimistic about getting us pregnant. I underwent IVF at the clinic and was happily surprised by the number of embryos we made in the cycle. We transferred 4 but unfortunately I didn’t conceive. I was really disappointed but the remaining frozen embryos and DrMalpani’s positive attitude helped me to hold on to the tiny flicker of hope I had. A year later we had another transfer and I got a positive beta. We were happy, excited and nervous-we saw a heartbeat and were comforted a bit. When we went for a repeat scan, the heartbeat was missing from both the foetuses. I was shattered all over- but determined to go through the transfer once again with my faith on DrMalpani further strengthened.

This time I conceived again and after a tough journey loaded with medicines, injections and absolute restriction on movement, delivered our baby boy. After 9 long years of trying, we became proud parents. For me, Dr Malpani has also been a great motivator and had it not been for his optimistic attitude, we would never have had our baby. He is an excellent doctor and his staff is extremely good. The ease with which my cycles at Dr Malpani’s clinic progressed took so much suffering off us. There is a lot of personal attention/sensitivity as compared to callous treatment meted out at other infertility clinics. I always repent having wasted my time with other doctors and not having approached him in the first place. On a positive side, my road and journey is already set in case I ever decide to have another baby.

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  1. Komal Shah11:10 PM

    For PCOD patient, is IVF only way. IS IUI helpful? How to decide IUI or IVF to be choose? Which parameter decide


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