Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marketing isure ovulation test kits in India

I was pleased to see a full page ad in today's Times of India, marketing I-sure ovulation prediction test kits in India.I am glad companies like Piramal Healthcare are addressing the needs of infertile women. It's because ovulation prediction test kits were not available in India , that we started selling them online 5 years ago.

Thanks to direct to consumer campaigns like this,  women ( and their husbands as well !) will learn more about their bodies and become more knowledgeable about their menstrual cycle. However, I am worried that they are propagating the idea that women are fertile for only 2 days during the cycle.  This is not true  . The fertility window is actually 5 days, because even though the egg may remain alive for only 24 hours, sperm do remain alive in the cervical mucus for 4-5 days. This kind of misinformation will just cause women to start panicking needlessly, and put more pressure on them to have "well-timed intercourse". This is especially true for career women, who have postponed childbearing. These are women who want control over their lives, and OPKs promise them this, because they can now monitor their ovulation However, forcing your husband to have sex on a particular day can only add more stress to your life !

This advertising campaign is going to be very good for infertility specialists. When women start using the kit and then don't get pregnant in 2-3 months, they are going to start thinking of themselves as being "infertile" , and will seek medical attention for reassurance that all is well. Doctors will be obliged to do testing to confirm that they are normal ,  and this will increase their workload ( though a lot of this testing will be completely unnecessary, because these women will have got pregnant in their own bedroom if they had simply been patient !)

I am sure lots of mothers ( and mother-in-laws !) will buy these kits for their daughters, to help improve their odds of having a grandchild quickly.

The website for the OPK kit at is quite disappointing .  I know that this is a marketing website, but I wish they had used this as a tool to educate women about their fertility.  This is such a great opportunity to provide Information Therapy to infertile women !

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  1. Dear Doctor...this is Jai daga and its really nice to see your post on isure.I would like to know more details on it and also is it safe to use this as we are trying for our second child.Is there a way I can contact you, also you can call me on 9820614804...thanks Jai


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