Friday, July 29, 2011

What happens to patients who do IVF before doing their homework !

I received this email from a patient.

I have edited it , but reading it still makes me cringe !

My case details :

- I am 32
- My husband has slightly low motility (around 30% -including slow and rapid linears- during the best of times). However, doctors have always told us that since he has a decent sperm count, the motility is not something to worry.
- We have been trying for a child for 4.5 years. We have tried on 7 clomid cycle and 1 letroz cycle. None of them were monitored. But i did check on OPKs. I always ovulated on the minimum dose of clomid.
- I used to get my periods regularly (35 day cycle). But my cycle became irregular after we started to try for a baby. However, I still got my periods every 35-45 days

IVF Details:

- I had my IVF done through NHS. However, it was a self-funded cycle
- I only got to meet a doctor twice during my cycle. Once during a scan (when they wanted to run back and watch the royal wedding) and once during the egg retrieval. I saw different doctors both the time and I could not relate to either of them because they were both busy, hassled and just wanted to get the job done.
- They never performed any bloods on me.
- They did not try to control my period and just took the payment and did not even speak to us after that, inspite of us making several attempts to speak to them.
- We waited for 2 months for my period- after making the payment. I finally got desperate and took the oral progesterone supplements that I got from India, to bring my periods on.
- I don't have the details of the exact medication used, as all the papers related to the IVF was retained by NHS (as is the rule here).
- The medication given to me were self-injectibles, that my husband had to inject.
- all my scans were very promising, with a decent number of follicles developing and with a healthy trilaminar endometrium.
- During egg retrieval, they retrieved 15 eggs.
- However, only 5 were mature and only 3 fertilized. All the other eggs were immature.
- 1 fertilized naturally and 2 fertilized 'supposedly' slowly.
- the naturally fertilized ovum was a good 4 cell on day 2
- 1 of the 2 late comers was also a good 4 cell on day 2
- the only other embryo was a 2 cell on day 2.
- No images were taken and the center 'supposedly' did not grade the embryos. All that the embryologist said was 'they look fair enough'
- They did a day 2, 2 embryo transfer of the 4 cell embryos (they said that there was no point in waiting longer, as there weren't any embryos to choose from).
- After the ET, they just gave me a vaginal progesterone supplement and sent us home. They never saw us again. I got to speak to some nurses twice during the 1 ww (it wasn't even a 2ww), when I called them crying because I had started bleeding exactly 1 week after ET.

This story is not unique - and it's something I have come across before as well. This is a very smart, well-informed woman. Sadly, she only did her homework after her cycle failed, by which time the damage had already been done ! If only she'd asked for some Information Therapy before starting her IVF cycle, she would have been able to save herself a lot of needless distress !
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