Sunday, November 28, 2010

Canadian couple success story

We have been married for 7 years now. We tried to get pregnant after the first year of marriage with no success. We then tried IVF clinics in Canada the first Doctor we went to we did IVF it was a positive result only to find out that it was a chemical pregnancy. We took that very hard because we wanted to have a baby and we wanted to start our family right away. This Doctor told us that because of age that we had to use a donor’s egg we despised that thought we did not accept it so we decided to go to another Doctor. We were with this Doctor for 2 years trying all kinds of treatment, firstly , IUIs with no success, we then decided to try IVF again but every cycle my eggs got lesser and lesser and not developing the way they should for a successful IVF procedure so I we would be detour to IUI, this went on for couple of months. We were very frustrated at this point, and eventually the 2nd Doctor told us what the first Doctor suggested (i.e. donor egg), we were even more frustrated and wanted to give up. We struggled with this idea for over a year, the donor egg option wasn’t something that we could accept easily, it was very tough for us since we saw ourselves as great parents and just wanted the opportunity to bring a child into the world and raise him/her in a loving family environment. My husband and I talked about it at length many times and we finally resigned to the fact that if we are going to be the great parents we can be, then we really had no other choice at this point but to go the donor egg route. Life is not perfect but we have to take the bitter with the sweet, and be grateful for what’s possible through medicine.

So we decided to start the process we went back to see our Doctor in Canada who gave us a few suggestions how to find a donor in Canada and USA. This was a nightmare, we had one hit in Canada that didn’t work out, however the US had many agencies that does this but they are asking for around thirty thousand dollars, it is ridiculous.

We did a search on the internet and came up with Dr Malpani’s web site we were amazed with all the details the site provided. We contacted Dr Malpani immediately, he was very responsive and patient with us. We explained our situation to him and he was confident that he can find a suitable donor for us. After a few weeks of communicating and finding out more about the clinic and service he offers, we told him to go ahead and find a donor for us. He was able to find two suitable matches, meeting our medical and personal requirements, in short time. We selected his first choice and began making plans to fly out to see Dr Malpani in Mumbai, India. Initially we were very nervous however that soon subsided when we were in his office and saw the many couples from all over the world that were in the same ‘shoes’ as us. It made us realize that there are people in the world with the same struggles as us and that they understood what we were going through and how we felt. We then knew that we were in the right place.

I started taking the injections/medications from back in Canada so when I got there I would be ready for action. When we got there Dr Malpani, Dr Anjali and their staff were very cooperative and understanding and they gave us the reassurance that they are there to work towards our success. The whole process was explained to us and my treatment took place comfortably at their clinic.

The donor eggs and my husbands sperm were being placed together in the dish to form embryos it was a very exciting time for us, I felt like it was mine already. Everything went very well and it was time to do the transfer. Dr Malpani and his staff were great, they kept us very calm they were very helpful and answered all our questions giving us hope. We came back to Canada 3 days after my transfer as suggested by the Doctor. We did my pregnancy test after 15 days and by God’s grace we got a positive result !! FINALLY !! We were overwhelmed and very grateful to Dr. Malpani.

We are constantly in touch with Dr Malpani and keep him updated about every progress in my pregnancy. He has been there to give his advice always. My pregnancy is going absolutely fine, we are just waiting to hold our baby in our arms. We are very thankful to God and Dr Malpani for giving us the biggest joy of our life!

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