Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An infertile patient's heart-felt plea

This is an email I just received. The sender has kindly agreed to share it. It describes eloquently what infertile women go through !

I just wanted to share this with you - whether myself and my husband have a child or not is dependent on the Almighty, however I feel reassured we are coming to you for treatment. Whatever the outcome I feel we shall receive the best treatment from you.
I read your blog regularly and for comfort I read your website, and that alone keeps the light in my heart glowing...
Its difficult and often lonely when you enter the complicated world of IVF. You will not know this but already you are my friend and mentor. You give me strength and hope even though you are miles away and dont know anything about me other than what I have supplied via email.
I have high hopes and dreams of coming to India. I feel guilty to feel these emotions should I tempt fate in a negative way. I feel like I will be coming home. In this world where I am presently, no -one knows my husbands condition other than him but only in a basic way and the consultant who initially diagnosed. Our respective families are struggling to come to terms with the idea that one of us maybe infertile. In fact my inlaws were horrified at the mere idea their son could be infertile. They naturally assumed it was I with the problem They still believe this to this very day and I have given up trying to explain. Sometimes people's ignorance can be quite disheartening. All I have been getting is...drink this that....go to this Holy Man...pray this...have sex in this it on this day of the month....blah blah...
Nothing constructive.
My husband does not wish to talk about it. He relies on me to make all the necessary arrangements and to attend when required. I did all the research, I read the blogs, recommendations, reveiws, information of his infertility etc etc. All this information I have kept to myself and have stored away. And I know upon arriving at your clinic in Mumbai I will be able to share the information I have stored these past 8 months. It is like I am biding my time in a place which currently is ignorant, then I will enter another world where I will be able to talk the same language.

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