Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Better Health » Doctor Patient Relationship

Better Health » Doctor Patient Relationship: "I frequently am asked the question “Aren’t you afraid of the malpractice risk?” when I explain my medical practice model, which is based on the doctor answering the phone 24/7, resulting in the patient’s medical problem being solved by the phone more 50% of the time. The simplest counter to this question is to analyze the risk patients incur when the doctor won’t answer the phone. What happens when the doctor is the LAST person to know what’s going on with patients? The answer is obvious. But malpractice companies could have concerns beyond patient safety. Buy-in from the malpractice companies would be critical to the future viability of all telemedicine.

I prepared a summary paper, which included 12 bullet points, explaining how a doctor- patient relationship based on trust , transparency, continuous communications and high quality information systems significantly reduce risk to the person you’re trying to help."

Websites and emails are a great way of improving doctor-patient relationships because they promote transparency . When everything is in writing there is no scope for confusion.

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  1. Dr Aniruddha - Are you saying that Doctors can provide more better services bus using Mobile and Internet.
    The reason I ask is that in my discussion with people they say that patients finds Doctors and not the other way.



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