Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Mumbai terror attacks - How vulnerable we all are

The recent Mumbai terror attacks have shaken up the whole country, and we have received numerous messages and emails from concerned patients from all over world. Fortunately, the clinic, our staff and our patients are all safe and sound.

"Ask not for whom the bells toll - they toll for thee." Today it was Mumbai's turn - who knows where they will strike tomorrow ?

It's hard to make sense of such meaningless carnage. I think it just emphasises how vulnerable we all are - and that the only way we can fight this menace it to tackle it collectively.

May the souls of the innocent victims and the brave police officers rest in peace - and may God give their family members courage to deal with this trying time.

"There, but for the grace of God, go I" is what I feel. We eat out frequently at the Taj and the Oberoi - and it could easily have been us trapped in the hotel yesterday...

Some of our US patients are worried about how safe it is to come to India for treatment. In one sense, no place in the world can ever be safe ( a lesson we learned from the 9/11 blasts). However, after this incident, security is extremely tight in Bombay, which makes it a very safe place now !
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