Friday, October 19, 2018

Making sense of your symptoms during an IVF cycle

Lot of patients get all kinds of symptoms during an IVF cycle.
Often this is during the cycle itself – for example, they may feel bloated; or have breast pain; or feel very irritable. And many of these symptoms become much worse during the 2 week wait, when the mind plays all kinds of games.  Everytime you get a backache, you are petrified that your cycle has failed and that your period is going to start.
It’s very hard to provide a biological explanation for these complaints. The reality is we often don't have a very good answer for a lot of these aches and pains.
Each woman experiences them differently and there is often no underlying common denominator.
However , we're not too worried or concerned about them, because we know they are common and are not medically sinister – they don’t suggest there's a complication , or anything's amiss.
All we can do is tell patients this is one those things they are going to need to learn to live with. Now, this doesn't mean that we're unsympathetic or we don't care – it’s just that we know that these symptoms are temporary and will pass.
We tell patients to take try home-remedies and take symptomatic relief to tide over this trying time, and not to worry about them.
I know this is easier said than done, but worrying needlessly doesn’t help at all, so it’s best to distract yourself and carry on with life !
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Monday, October 15, 2018

What are your options after a failed IVF cycle ?

When an IVF cycle fails, patients want an answer to the most important question which is – What next? What are my options?
Now just because an IVF cycle has failed doesn't mean that you're never going to be able to have a baby, so please don’t start catastrophising or obsessing that all is lost.
This is why getting counseling before starting your IVF cycles , and doing your homework is so important, because this way you have realistic expectations of the IVF treatment, and you understand that often it takes time in order to achieve a pregnancy after IVF.
The first cycle failing is not the end of the world – it’s just the beginning of your journey to success !
The important thing is to analyze the cycle, so you can learn from it, and determine what went well, and what didn’t .
This is why sitting down and review your medical records your doctor is so important. The key here is the answer to a single question – What was the quality of your embryos?
It can be very helpful to get a second opinion , by sharing photographs of your embryos , as well as your IVF treatment protocol , with another IVF specialist , so that he can provide an alternative perspective.
He may be able to notice what the first doctor missed , so he can tell you what he can do better in order to increase your chances if you do another cycle.
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Why frozen embryo transfers are better than fresh IVF cycles.

In the past, it was believed that the chances of getting pregnant were better when we transferred fresh embryos in an IVF cycle. 

After all, the word " fresh " itself suggests that these are vital , viable embryos, which are much more likely to implant, as compared to frozen embryos.

Patients would confuse the quality of frozen embryos with the quality of frozen vegetables and fruits kept in the refrigerator. This is why they would believe that these were stale, or not as healthy as fresh embryos.

In fact, this was true in the past, when we used slow freezing in order to cryopreserve embryos.

The technology for freezing embryos wasn't very good, as a result of which a lot of these embryos would die as a result of freezing and thawing them. 

However, the technology has improved dramatically, and we now use vitrification to freeze embryos. In our clinic, the survival rates are 100% , which means the pregnancy rates are better when we transfer frozen embryos,

This is true for many reasons.

1.  The endometrial receptivity is much better in a frozen cycle, because we can prepare the uterine lining optimally . In a fresh IVF cycle, the high dose of hormones used for superovulation can impair endometrial receptivity.

2. We can transfer only a single embryo at a time, so that the cumulative pregnancy rate remains high; and the obstetric risks of a multiple  pregnancy go down. This improves the live birth rate

3. It gives you more flexibility, and increases your options, because you can store your embryos, and use them for your second and third baby as well after a few years

4. The frozen thaw transfer cycle is much easier and less stressful, because there are no injections, and you just need to come to the clinic for 2 -3 scans !

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Questions patients ask after a failed IVF cycle

IVF failure can be devastating  ! You invested all your hopes and money in this treatment which offered you the best chance of getting pregnant, and when it fails , this means that you're back to square one !

Patients have lots of questions after a failed IVF cycle.

How soon after a failed IVF can I try again?
What are my chances of conception after a failed IVF?
Is it possible for me to have a natural pregnancy after a failed IVF?
Why did my IVF cycle fail?

And all of these are perfectly reasonable questions, and step number one is to review your medical records with your doctor ,  to find out exactly what didn't go right – and what went well.

And if you don't have your medical records – especially photos of your embryos - this itself is a red flag, which means you need to get a second opinion to be able to determine what you can do in order to improve your chances in your next cycle.

There's no reason to go to pieces or to give up , just because one IVF cycle fails. The important thing is to learn from it , and then do what you can to improve your chances of success for your next cycle !
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

What is the difference between an infertility specialist and an IVF specialist?

Lots of patients get confused about whom to go to when they want to baby, and most of them will go to the local gynecologist. This is especially true if they have had secondary infertility, and have already had a baby, and they assume the gynecologist will be handle to their infertility issues as well. After all, he delivered them the first time, didn't he?

                                And aren't gynecologists supposed to be specialists taking of women's health? Or they will go to a gynecologist for a regular check-up and will assume that he will be able to provide treatment, because these days every gynecologist calls himself an infertility specialist as well.

                                But the reality is, there is a big different between an IVF specialist and an infertility specialist. And a lot of so-called infertility specialists don't have the training, or the expertise, or the laboratory backup to be able to actually provide specialized care for infertile couples, which means these couples waste a lot of time and money.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What infertile couples need to do to make the right decisions

                             One of the hardest things infertile couples need to do is to make decisions. This is especially true when they are thinking about emotionally charged and sensitive issues as to whether to use donor eggs or not. After all , there are always multiple options, and the answers are never black or white. This can become  especially difficult if both husband and wife don't see eye-to-eye about the subject.

                                There really is no easy answer for this kind of impasse, and doctors are not always the best people to give guidance, because this is something that depends on your individual personal preferences.

                                It can be very helpful if both of you can talk to one person whom you both respect and trust. This could be one of your parents - or perhaps a coach ; a friend; a mentor; or a psychological counselor , who can help you discover the right decision for yourself. You need to find someone who is kind and empathetic, so you can unburden your heart,  and discuss the pros and cons of all the options which are available to you.

This path will give you peace of mind that you've made the decision which was right for you !

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