Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Using K Y jelly reduces your fertility ! IVF video

Ovarian cyst vs follicle

Lots of patients are unsure about the difference between an ovarian cyst and a follicle.
The reality is that as far as an ultrasound scan is concerned, they both look exactly the same - they both appear like black bubbles.
The only differentiation is based on their size, which means  if it's large, we call it a cyst, and if it's small, we call it a follicle.
Now, the arbitrary size cutoff is 20- 25 mm, which means many patients think that a follicle should be 25 millimeters or less. The reality , however, is that there is a lot of overlap, and large follicles look exactly like small cysts do.
On a single scan, it's impossible to differentiate between the two, which is why serial ultrasound scans are so helpful . Follicles usually grow at 1-2 mm per day, and while cysts can grow as well, they are usually remain the same size over a few days
However, the final proof of the pudding is in the eating. When we do IVF and stick a needle in the follicle,  and get an egg, we call it a follicle. If we don't get an egg, we call it a cyst ! But we'll only know at the time of the egg collection whether this was a cyst or a follicle .

Monday, September 16, 2019

The effect of an IVF cycle on the husband.

Whenever we talk about IVF cycles, our focus is usually on the woman. This is understandable , because she's the one who has to take the injections, go for the scans, undergo the egg collection and embryo transfer process, and live through the 2 week wait. 
And all the husband needs to do is to give a semen sample !
However, the reality is that the husband also suffers a lot of heartbreak and pain.
This is especially acute when the reason for the infertility is a problem with his sperm. He feels very guilty that his wife is having to go through all the pain of an IVF cycle this because he's not able to get her pregnant in the bedroom.
This makes him feel inadequate and incompetent; diminishes his self-esteem; affects his sexual desire ; and even cause situational erectile dysfunction , because he feels that he cannot even perform a simple role which every other man in the world seems to be able to do without any difficulty at all - including all the beggars on the street !
He goes through an emotional rollercoaster ride as well, but it's much harder for him to express his feelings , because he's a man and he's supposed to bottle his emotions up.
And he's not sure whether he can share them safely with his wife or not, because he is worried that this will just add to her burden, which means he does not have a shoulder to cry on , and has to grieve alone.
You can read more about why infertile men get such poor treatment at https://www.drmalpani.com/knowledge-center/articles/theinfertileman
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व्यस्त आईवीएफ़ क्लीनिक्स या अच्छे आईवीएफ़ क्लीनिक्स - Hindi IVF video

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The grieving process after a failed IVF cycle

IVF failure causes a lot of heartbreak, and part of the problem is patients don't process the grief efficiently. This makes a bad problem even worse !
Some  pretend that it's not a big deal, and that they are coping well. They believe they will be able to bounce back, and put on a brave front.
This is especially true for the husband, because the fact is that  his heart is breaking too when the cycle doesn't work. He hates having to see his wife go through all that trauma - the pain of the injections  and her disappointment when the result is negative. It's very hard for him to see her suffer, but he can't display his emotions , because that'll cause her to break down. This is why grief and sorrow remains the elephant in the room, and because it's not addressed proactively and head-on, it festers, because they both pretend that everything is fine.
If you can manage to deal with the heartbreak because you are strong and can bounce back, that's fine. If you're able to process it yourself, great. If not, please find a loved one -, a family member, or your spouse , who can give you a shoulder to cry on . It's also a good idea to look for a counselor, who can help you deal with this, because they are mental health professionals.
If you can process the grieving phase in a healthy fashion,  this will help you become much more resilient !

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

IVF video - The IVF patient's fears!

IVF patients carry a lot of emotional baggage

They already suffer from  low self esteem , because they can't even do something as simple as making a baby in the bedroom - a biological process which millions of women can do without any effort whatsoever , and have been doing successfully without any help for centuries.
This lack of confidence spills over into their professional life, and starts affecting sexual desires as well. Infertility has social consequences as well, because friends either sympathize with them , and outsiders look down on them, which makes coping even harder.
The problem gets exacerbated when they do an IVF cycle and it fails. The confidence which they had in IVF doctors takes a beating, and they start believing they will never ever be able to have a baby, because they have failed to get pregnant even after taking the  most effective treatment available.
The problem with IVF is that doctors tend to overpromise, especially because they want the patient to do their first cycle with them. When the cycle fails, they often abandon the patient, because they have already extracted their professional fees. Patients feel cheated , and believe they didn't get a fair deal. They are often treated badly, because the clinic refuses to share medical details or provide a clear explanation, and this colors their perception of other IVF doctors as well.
Many of them refuse to ever try another IVF cycle again - an attitude which causes them the most harm, because not all IVF doctors are the same, and they deprive themselves of trying treatment which gives them their best chances of having a baby !

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Monday, September 09, 2019

IVF video - The problem with bad IVF clinics

Learning from every IVF cycle

The outcome of an IVF cycle can never be predicted, and sometimes in spite of the best possible medical treatment, your cycle may fail.

The important thing is not so much the failure, as to what we can learn from the failure, which is why our focus should never be on just the outcome - it should be on the process !
Was the treatment done properly or not? Was information shared with you? Did each stage in the treatment go properly? What are the tangible endpoints which you can check for? Was your ovarian response fine? Was your endometrium thick and trilaminar on the ultrasound scans? Did you get lots of good quality eggs? What was the embryo quality? Did the doctor transfer top quality blastocysts  ?
Does this seem confusing ? It shouldn't be, because the basics are quite simple !
Here's a simple hack - the single key  question you should be asking.

Do you have photographs of the embryos the doctor transferred, so you can check that these were top quality blastocysts ?
 As long as you ( and your doctor !) learn from each IVF failure, you will keep on making progress , until you finally get pregnant.
The secret for IVF success is to keep on doing it , until it finally works.

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