Saturday, July 02, 2016

Tusshar Kapoor having a baby is great news. But are IVF guidelines being bent for celebs?

The fact that Tusshar Kapoor has become a single father through donor egg surrogacy has got a lot of media attention. Many celebrities have used IVF and surrogacy to complete their families and they are willing to be vocal about this. This has helped to remove the stigma associated with infertility, and has accelerated the acceptance of these assisted reproductive techniques in India, which is all for the best, as we can now provide many more medical treatment options to infertile couples.
However, if we probe a little deeper, this pregnancy raises more questions than it answers. While it is great that we allow single parents to have a baby (and I personally feel that's fine), what bothers me is the fact that this baby was born as a result of flouting the Indian Council of Medical Research guidelines.


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