Friday, October 30, 2015

Is banning commercial surrogacy a good idea ?

The State Commission for Women (SCW) said on Wednesday that it is strongly opposed to commercial surrogacy and wants a new Act that opposes commercialisation of women's womb and regulates activities of the industry.

It is true that surrogacy can be misused and abused, and I wrote a post about this a few years ago -

When something is misused, the knee-jerk reflex is to ban it. However, we should ensure that infertile women who do not have a uterus can use surrogacy treatment if they so desire, since this is the only medical treatment option available to the.

Rather than ban it, we need to make sure it is used properly, so that everyone is protected.

One simple solution of doing so would be to allow only adoption agencies recognised by CARA to screen and provide surrogates. Adoption agencies have experience and expertise in family building - and in dealing with infertile couples; doctors; lawyers; and babies ! Also, it helps to reinforce the idea that surrogacy and adoption are complementary option, not competitive, because the adoption agency can offer them both options. Moreover, the money earned on the surrogacy treatments can be used to promote adoption as well. In this model, the doctors are only treatment specialists - as they should
be ! You can read more about this at

I wish infertile couples who have used surrogacy would speak up about how it has changed their life for the better.

Aamir Khan and Sharukh Khan , where are you ? Can you make your voice heard please ?

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