Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why me ?

I recently saw a patient who was crying like a baby. She had just suffered her third miscarriage, and she felt that her heart was breaking. "Why me, doctor ? I am a good woman - I have not hurt anyone. I am a teacher, I take excellent care of my kids and love them so much. I would love to have a kid of my own, so why is God being so cruel to me ? "
Life is unfair , there is no doubt about that. If anyone deserved to have a baby, she did. She would make a great mother, and we had provided all the medical treatment we possibly could. She had been extremely careful, had stopped working and was religiously taking her medicines and resting in bed, but inspite of our best efforts, we could not save the pregnancy.
"Why me ? " remains one of the commonest questions everyone who is suffering asks, right from the time of Job. It's one of those questions no one can answer, but it's ironic that we only ask this when something goes wrong. Why don't we also remember to thank God for al that he has given us ? A blind Man will curse God for taking away his eyesight - but how many of us remember to thank him for giving us our vision ?
There is little one can do in such times - but going through this suffering can actually help to make us nicer and better people, if we allow ourselves to become more empathetic as a result of this pain.


  1. Doctor
    I read some of your articles here.They are so true. your example about the "blind person " is perfect, secondly I wish to thank you as a word or two from the doctor to a patient means so much for the patient,and technology is dependent so it cannot be perfect or imagine , what would happen we would never let the sun to set and or never let it to rise.Thanks god many things are under his control.

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