Sunday, February 17, 2019

Which kind of IVF patients are we the best doctors for?

A single IVF clinic cannot possibly be right for all IVF patients . This means patients need to make a trade-off when selecting an IVF clinic !
Should they go to the cheapest ? the nearest ? the most well known one ? the one who advertises the most ? the one who holds free camps ? the one who their GP sends them to ?
I believe every doctor gets the patient they deserve, and every patient gets the doctor they deserve.
This is why it's very important that the patients who come to us are those who appreciate the unique value which we add to IVF treatment.
What makes us special is we have a lot of experience and expertise, and because we don't have any assistants, all the care we provide is very personalized, bespoke, and hands-on .
We focus on making sure that we maximize your chances of getting pregnant , by doing exactly what's right for you , because we use the latest technology and apply it intelligently to your needs.
This is why we are the best bet for patients who value doctors who respect them ! We want patients who are seeking doctors who have the time to talk to them, and who are transparent and open .
We take pride in treating challenging patients who have failed IVF cycles in other clinics !
What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Making sense of IVF treatment

One of the problems with IVF treatment is that patients still don't understand what the process involves.  Not only doctors love complexifying the process ( so they can charge more for it !), there are so many myths and misconceptions floating around - both online and in the real world, that they don't know whom to trust.
Most of them assume that it's too complicated for them to understand, and are happy to leave everything upto their doctor. This is why they are very vulnerable, and it's easy for unscrupulous doctors to tale them for  ride, by using tons of jargon - and using this as a pretext to charge more for every additional service they offer - most of which are not needed at all. Sadly, patients can't push back, because they are so clueless about the process.
All you need to understand is that IVF is just the final common pathway which doctors can use in order to help you have a baby - it's a solution which allows us to bypass all the problems which can cause infertility. The good news is that that once you get pregnant after IVF, it's like any other pregnancy.
Think about it this way. Normally, the egg and the sperm fertilize and form an embryo in the fallopian tube , when fertile couples have sex in the bedroom. This embryos reaches the uterus after five days, and it then implants in the uterine lining.
Now, any problem in the bedroom - either with the sperms or the eggs or the tubes - can prevent this from happening, and cause infertility. In IVF, we fertilise the eggs with the sperm in the test tube, so that the embryo then spends 5 days in the test tube, instead of the fallopian tube ! After 5 days, we transfer the blastocyst back in the uterus, and if it implants, this is exactly like a normal pregnancy !
You can download the IVF comic book free at 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

What will my donor egg IVF baby look like?

One of the biggest concerns which patients who do donor egg IVF have is - What will my baby look like?
They have to take a major leap of faith, because they don't get a chance to see what the donor looks like. They major worry is - Will my baby resemble me , or will people know that I've used donor eggs? Will my baby be intelligent ? Will my baby behave the way I do?
It's normal to have lots of concerns, ICMR rules in India don't allow us to show photographs of egg donors, because egg donation in India has to be confidential and anonymous.
That's why we reassure patients, and tell them that by using frozen donor eggs, we can match physical traits. However, at the end of the day, it's impossible to predict what a child look like  - after all, biological siblings don't looks like each other either !
You can read more about our donor egg IVF program at !
However, at the end of the day , your child will pick up your behavior, your habits, your mannerisms, because you're bringing up your child. This is why siblings resemble each other - not because of their physical traits , but because they imitate their parents, and absorb  the way they talk, smile, and behave . After all, let's not forget that husbands and wives also start resembling each other after some years as well !

Thursday, February 07, 2019

When doctors cause infertility !

The biggest tragedy in reproductive medicine is when patients are made infertile as a result of the doctor's treatment !
This hurts , because when you go to a doctor , you want him to help you to have a baby . However, when instead of doing so , he actually makes you infertile by doing the wrong treatment, this just adds insult to injury and makes you bitter and angry !
A classic example is women who have a missed abortion .
The standard method in the past for treating this was by doing a D&C . Today, thanks to advances in medicine, it's possible to terminate this pregnancy medically , using medicines such as Mifegest and Misoprostol , which allows the uterus to naturally empty itself. This is far safer for the patient, because the problem with the D&C is that it can cause intrauterine adhesions ( Asherman syndrome) , which damage the uterine lining, and prevent the women from getting pregnant again in the future . 
Sadly, many doctors don't offer the medical treatment option to their patients. They continue scaring them and forcing them to do a D&C , because this is much more profitable for them . It's quick and easy surgery , and they can charge for doing it . Since they can't charge as much for prescribing drugs, , they push patients into going into the operation theatre , even though this is not in the patient's best interests.
Now well-informed patients know that there is a medical option available , but even for these patients, it's easy for doctors to bulldoze them into doing surgery by saying - Your baby is dead , and this poison can then spread into your body , which is why it's urgent that we remove the baby right now , and surgery is the fastest and quickest way of doing this, and just takes a few minutes !
They scare the patient by telling them that medical abortions are painful , and have a higher risk of complications. 
However, the reality is the complication risk is much higher with a D&C , as compared with the medical procedure .
When patients realise afterwards that they been made infertile because of an unnecessary surgical procedure , they are very bitter , and refuse to trust any doctor in the future !

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Iatrogenic infertility

Being infertile is bad enough, but when the infertility is caused by an infertility specialist, this makes it much worse !

Sadly, we continue to see lots of patients, whose fertility has been damaged because of poor quality treatment.

Here is an example ( names withheld to protect the guilty !)

I have a very low amh of 1.16. I have undergone 3 cycles of IUI from Dr G, a gynecologist, none of which were successful. After that, I underwent laparoscopic  surgery by Dr H, an IVF specialist, for removal of endometriosis cyst. During the procedure , the doctor discovered I had a hydrosalpinx in both my fallopian tubes , so they clipped it . This means now I can't concieve naturally. After a month break after the laparoscopy , I did two cycles of IVF , but both have failed. I have spent almost Rs 10 lakhs and this is now a big stress for me. What should I do next ?

This poor patient has had poor quality treatment, even though she has gone to brand-name leading IVF specialists.

There has been a litany of errors in her treatment, and the tragedy is that this is a common story we see

For one thing, there was no need to do an operative laparoscopy for the endometriotic cyst. This is unnecessary surgery , which does not help improve IVF success rates at all. It actually reduces fertility , as normal ovarian tissue is also removed along with the cyst wall, thus reducing ovarian reserve, which is exactly what has happened in this case.

Secondly, lots of doctors seem to be very keen on clipping the tubes for patients who have a small hydrosalpinx which is detected incidentally during the laparoscopy. This is best left alone, and clipping the tubes doesn't help at all - but ensures that the patient will now always need IVF if she wants to have a baby !

Cysts can always get be aspirated ( punctured) under ultrasound guidance ; and small hydrosalpinges should be left alone. The trouble is that most doctors have a knee-jerk reflex of " treating " any abnormality they find, even if it does not help the patient at all !

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !



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